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TOGY and Kuwait’s KDIPA sign partnership

KUWAIT CITY, July 8, 2019 – TOGY and Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) announced on Monday that they have signed an MoU for the production of the upcoming TOGY Kuwait 2019 edition.

With this agreement, TOGY and KDIPA intend to raise Kuwait’s overall profile, promoting the capabilities of the local oil and gas industry and further encouraging investor confidence in the market.


Assistant Director-General for Business Development Mr. Mohammed Mulla Yaqoub, on behalf of Director-General Sheikh Meshaal Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah, said that the report will portray the diverse windows of opportunity offered by a country characterised by an open and friendly investment climate, an array of different mega-projects in the pipeline and ambitious short- and long-term goals.

The TOGY Kuwait 2019 edition will illustrate the country’s steady efforts to ramp up hydrocarbons activities, underlining the major opportunities and challenges in the local market. This year’s report will give special attention to KPC’s vision of driving the entire industry towards new and ambitious goals, maximising the country’s production and refining performance.

KDIPA promotes and regulates direct investment in the country. Its mandate is to incentivise foreign and domestic inflows; promote Kuwait as an attractive investment destination; generate investment incentives, licensing and awareness; and foster a friendly and competitive business environment.

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