Developing Nigeria’s Domestic Gas Potential 2021


In 2018, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation announced the signing of agreements for Seven Critical Gas Development Projects (7CGDP), a set of development programmes aimed at bringing around 99.1 mcm (3.5 bcf) per day of gas on line by 2020-2021. The projects are expected to stimulate Nigeria’s gas development potential to help generate at least 15 GW of electricity. Domestic demand for natural gas, predominantly from power and industry, is expected to rise from 42.5 mcm (1.5 bcf) per day to 209.6 mcm (7.4 bcf) per day by 2027, making the 7CGDP vital in the country’s gas quest.

This high-resolution map of Nigeria details the efforts in 16 oil mining licences to produce more gas in line with the national objective. First published in The Energy Year Nigeria 2021. This map is also available as part of the Nigeria Map Pack 2021.

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In this report

  • President Nigeria Muhammadu BUHARI In Nigeria, economic strength in diversification

    Muhammadu BUHARI


    Federal Republic of Nigeria

    Fossil fuels play a strategic role in providing the finances required to fund national and sub-national economic plans and programmes.
  • A time to rise in Nigeria

    Chief Timipre Marlin SYLVA

    Minister of State for Petroleum Resources


    It is time for Nigeria to position itself as the strongest oil and gas investment destination in Africa.
  • Nigeria H.E. Amb. Mariam YALWAJI KATAGUM Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment In Nigeria, an enabling business environment takes shape

    H.E. Amb. Mariam YALWAJI KATAGUM

    Minister of State for Industry Trade and Investment


    The private sector plays a very important role in the Nigerian economy.
  • Reshaping Nigeria’s oil and gas industry

    Engr. Sarki AUWALU

    Director and CEO


    Nigeria has over 1,700 developed reservoirs for which there are significant IOR/EOR opportunities.
  • Simbi Wabote, executive secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), A catalyst for Nigerian capacity

    Engr. Simbi WABOTE

    Executive Secretary


    Our vision is to catalyse the industrialisation of Nigeria through the oil and gas sector.

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