Indonesia Special Edition: Crisis and Resilience in the Covid-19 Era


The Energy Year is pleased to publish our special digital report dedicated to Indonesia

under the theme of Crisis and Resilience in the Covid-19 Era. This digital edition details the strategies selected industry stakeholders in Indonesia have put in place to adapt to a new normal and navigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, embrace new efficiencies, keep their facilities and businesses operating, and offer maximum protection to their employees and collaborators.

Throughout the crisis, Indonesia has continued with its ambitious programme to expand gas production and reverse crude output declines, as well as pursuing change-making LNG and biofuels developments. Today, after months of lockdown and stimulus efforts, light is visible at the end of the tunnel for the country’s dynamic economy. SKK Migas has adjusted its targets but is holding steady with plans to make the archipelago a leading gas producer. Perusahaan Gas Negara has made important LNG investments, while upstream player Medco drills for gas. The report spotlights some of these domestic and international players helping to fuel the nation’s sustainable energy future.

The Energy Year wishes to express its strong support for all of the critical tasks carried out by SKK Migas, Pertamina and all other state actors as they manage a crisis of unprecedented nature and impact. Through this special edition, we wish to salute the initiatives introduced by Indonesia’s leaders to navigate the new economic landscape and help the country emerge from this period into a sustainable future.

We give our heartfelt thanks to each and every contributor to this special report for their continuous support in building the country’s resilience and its sustainable energy future.

We trust you will enjoy reading this special edition. For any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Stay safe and well!

The Energy Year team

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Featured in this report

  • John Anis Pertamina Focus on the future in Indonesia

    John ANIS

    Former GM of Pertamina Hulu Mahakam; President-Director


    What is important now is how we can ensure the continuity of supply and avoid possible disruptions.
  • Harsono Salim Kotaminyak The local advantage in Indonesia

    Harsono SALIM

    Managing Director


    All the islands are still operating as normal. There are still manufacturers, and the mining industry is still running at full steam.
  • Andrew Livsey An impetus for exploration in Indonesia

    Andrew LIVSEY



    The Indonesian government has been making great efforts to reduce red tape for businesses.
  • Adapt and survive in Indonesia

    Gary SELBIE



    There will clearly be some long-term benefits that come out of this.
  • Inarno Djajadi Indonesia’s IDX: digitally ready

    Inarno DJAJADI

    President Director


    We have several tools that we had used in past crises that we have been able to use again this time.
  • Jim Truesdell The shift to online training




    We had a vision of doing digital training prior to Covid-19. We’ve been discussing the online shift as the way forward, looking at it for over a year.
  • The outlook for Indonesia


    Energy Utilities & Resources Leader


    I think the biggest impact in Indonesia may be the deferral of large new upstream projects.
  • Long-term optimism in Indonesia

    Gerard QUILLIEN

    General Manager


    Most of us have realised how important it is to be well organised and be able to react quickly in case of crisis.

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