The Energy Year Angola 2021


The book features more than 60 interviews, including with:

Exclusive to the book are articles, infographics and industry comment.  Interviews exclusive to the book include:

  • João Baptista Borges, Minister of Energy and Water
  • Melissa Bond, General Manager and Lead Country Manager, ExxonMobil
  • Renato Moure, Managing Director, Sonadrill
  • Filipa Vilhena Santos, Country Manager, TechnipFMC
  • Antonio Kaschaka, CEO and Managing Director, Siemens Energy
  • António da Silva Junior, Executive Administrator, Falcon Oil Holdings Angola

“Angola has been working hard to improve competitiveness and generate new opportunities to foster not only the traditional oil and gas activity but also the energy sector as a whole.” 

Matteo Bacchini, Managing Director, Eni Angola

The Energy Year Angola 2021 highlights Angola’s ambitious goals to intensify exploration activities, transform the public role in the hydrocarbons industry and advance the development of natural gas and LNG – altogether cementing the country’s position as a key energy hub in southwestern Africa.

“The government has done a wonderful job in updating the laws, introducing reforms and trying to adjust the industry and the mature basins’ potential to the current market conditions.” 

Edson Rodrigues Dos Santos, CEO, Somoil

The Energy Year Angola 2021 portrays a detailed picture of Angola’s energy scene under President Lourenço’s renewed administration, focusing on the varied efforts the country is undertaking to enhance its oil and gas production, upgrade its refining capacity and push for an energy transition.

This edition’s Year Focus chapter, A Renewed Era of Licensing, includes a map detailing the blocks and seismic data in the ANPG’s 2021-2025 bidding strategy – an approach that aims to expand geological information on Angola’s oil and gas potential and attract a new generation of explorers to yield new discoveries.

Produced in partnership with the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas, ANPG and Sonangol, this seventh edition of The Energy Year’s Angola series provides insight to potential investors on the government’s efforts to push the energy industry forward, providing a clear picture of Angola’s opportunities at a time when gas is the new oil and the country is driven by its pursuit of the energy transition.


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In this report

  • Luis Goncalves BFA Angola A better banking environment in Angola


    President of the Executive Commission


    Allowing foreign investment to come to Angola under a much better investment law has been a step forward.
  • A collaborative environment in Angola

    Melissa BOND

    Managing Director


    Looking into the future, we are excited about our three Namibe blocks, which represent an important asset in our global exploration portfolio.
  • Bráulio de BRITO Chairman of the Board AECIPA A crucial role in Angola’s energy scene

    Bráulio DE BRITO

    Chairman of the Board


    Angola is a land of opportunity. There is a tremendous young workforce available. The oil resources are vast and the industry itself is robust.
  • Diamantino Pedro AZEVEDO Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas A new dynamism in Angola

    Diamantino Pedro AZEVEDO

    Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas

    This new dynamism is the result of the restructuring of the Angolan oil sector.
  • Camilo GOMES General Manager ALFORT PETROLEUM A place in Angola’s upstream future

    Camilo GOMES

    General Manager


    Exploration is about doing your homework and being persistent.

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