The Energy Year Mozambique 2020


This report features dozens of exclusive interviews, including with:

“Following the discovery of natural resources, Mozambique has a unique opportunity to achieve its objectives that focus on social development and infrastructure development, as well as to overcome its dependence on foreign donor aid.” 

Estêvão Pale, CEO and Chairman, ENH 

The Energy Year Mozambique 2020 arrives at a crucial moment. With the country’s energy industry stimulated by the signing of a USD 20-billion FID for the Mozambique LNG project, the recent acquisition of 3D PSDM seismic data, preparations for a sixth bidding round and governmental approval of key power projects, Mozambique is on the verge of an energy revolution that will foster economic and social sustainability.

“Considering the resource base of the country in areas 1 and 4, we do expect to see additional FIDs.” 

Carlos Zacarias, President of the National Petroleum Institute (INP)

The Energy Year Mozambique 2020 also highlights the key role of Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) in strengthening domestic and regional electricity supply under the nationwide ProEnergia initiative.

Produced in partnership with ENH and INP, this third edition of The Energy Year’s (formerly TOGY) Mozambique series provides insight to investors and companies looking at strategic opportunities in the country as it gears up ahead of first gas production in 2022.

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Featured in this report

  • ExxonMobil partners in Mozambique’s LNG future

    Jos EVENS

    General Manager and Chair


    The development of the country’s natural gas resources will have a multiplier effect in that it will support economic growth on various fronts.
  • Steve Wilson, Anadarko Mozambique A transformative project in Mozambique

    Steve WILSON

    Vice-President and Corporate Officer


    Newly developed drone technology has significantly improved the site surveying capability, which helped to optimise plant design.
  • Neusa Ferreira MARCELINO, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe Cluster Managing Director of CMA-CGM Mozambique’s plan in place

    Neusa Ferreira MARCELINO

    Cluster Managing Director


    The government is creating all the conditions to attract investment in business.
  • José Manuel CALDEIRA, Senior Partner, Founder of SAL & CALDEIRA ADVOGADOS Mozambique’s project momentum

    José Manuel CALDEIRA

    Senior Partner - Founder


    We need to adjust some of our rules accordingly to allow the huge natural gas reserves to be monetised for the benefit of the country.
  • Proactive co-operation in Mozambique

    Simone SANTI



    Our goal should remain to become the world’s next LNG superpower and compete with the likes of Qatar.

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