The Oil & Gas Year Egypt 2019


The book features many interviews, including with:

Dozens of the interviews are exclusive to the report including:

  • Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  • Mohamed Abd El Aziem, Chairman, Ganope
  • Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO, Dana Gas
  • Musbah El Beshti, General Manager, OLA Energy Misr

“Currently, the Ministry of Petroleum is working on the implementation of new concepts to maximise the investment map of Egypt’s upstream activities.”

Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

The Oil & Gas Year Egypt 2019 comes at a time when the country’s hydrocarbons industry is about to witness tremendous developments, dubbed a “golden era.” This year’s Egypt edition highlights the country’s recently achieved gas self-sufficiency and the government’s objective of turning Egypt into a regional hub for LNG trade, showcases the successful completion of recent bidding rounds and the plans in place to further intensify exploration activities, and promotes the ambitious new investments in the petrochemicals industry.

“When we state that we need to become a gas hub, we think not only about Egypt, but about our neighbouring countries too. We are not competing; we are integrating. We have the infrastructure, we have a big market and network, and we also need to integrate with our neighbours for the benefit of everyone.” 

Osama El Bakly, Chairman of EGAS 

The Oil & Gas Year Egypt 2019 delves into Egypt’s strategy to become the East Mediterranean energy hub, taking advantage of the availability of gas, the country’s existing infrastructure and its strategic position.

This fifth edition of The Oil & Gas Year’s Egypt series provides insight to investors and companies looking at strategic opportunities in the country, at a time when Egypt’s oil and gas industry is experiencing a renaissance.

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In this report

  • Osama El Bakly Why gas investors are eyeing Egypt

    Osama EL BAKLY



    This is what Egypt is: We are very open to discussing with the different stakeholders the most beneficial framework.
  • A key collaborator

    Hesham EL AMROUSSY

    Chairman and Managing Director


    The ultimate goal of modernisation can only be reached by sincere efforts exerted jointly by the government and the private sector.
  • Potential in the Western Desert

    David CHI

    Vice-President - Apache Corporation and General Manager - Apache Egypt Companies


    New technology must be brought to the table if the country hopes to grow production in the Western Desert.
  • essner Revitalised sectors

    Brian ESSNER

    Vice-President International Marketing & Egypt Country Manager


    Egypt’s LNG capacity is really a game changer, as is its expansion capacity.
  • OMAR A NASSER Diverse opportunities in Egypt

    Omar A. NASSER

    Managing Director


    This is a unique market. We have the major players, but it’s also a good market for mid-sized players and independents.
  • Infrastructure for investment

    Thomas MAHER

    President and COO


    Egypt had a primary budget surplus in their last fiscal year for the first time in decades.
  • Nicolas KATCHAROV Egypt Country Manager ENERGEAN A leading role

    Nicolas KATCHAROV

    Egypt Country Manager


    As a general principle, the most economical approach is always to extend the life of existing assets.
  • Momentum and optimisation

    Mahmoud Khalil DABBOUS

    Chairman and CEO


    Production techniques are being improved in various operations covering different territories on- and offshore.
  • Saad Helal Echem Egypt Optimised feedstock

    Saad HELAL



    It is our vision to become a petrochemicals hub for the African continent.
  • Abdel Mageed HEGAZY ETHYDCO EGYPT Maximum benefits

    Abdel Mageed HEGAZY

    Chairman and CEO


    We use natural gas as feedstock, not naphtha cracking, which is more technologically advanced and more economically efficient.
  • Thore Lohmann thyssenkrupp egypt A long-term partner in Egypt

    Thore LOHMANN

    Country CEO

    thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Egypt

    Especially now with the increase of renewable energy, gas potential is being unlocked so that it can be used for the chemical industry.
  • Amgad AL AHMADY Boosting Egypt’s downstream performance

    Amgad AL AHMADY

    Chairman and CEO


    The EGPC plan for the excess produced gas will involve a major increase in petrochemical plants.

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