The Oil & Gas Year Guyana 2019


Dozens of key insiders were interviewed for The Oil & Gas Year Guyana 2019 including:

Many more interviews and articles are exclusive to this report, including:

  • Minister of Finance Winston Jordan,
  • Nicholas Deygoo-Boyer, President, and Richard Rambarran, Executive Director, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Shaun Rampersad, COO, Ramps Logistics
  • Rudolf Elias, CEO, Staatsolie
  • Mahender Sharma, CEO of Guyana Energy Agency (GEA)

TOGY is pleased to present The Oil & Gas Year Guyana 2019, our first edition on the country. This booklet covers Guyana’s fast-moving developments, including recent hydrocarbons discoveries, increasing interest from international investors and preparations the government is making to ensure proper oversight and sustainable development of the local oil and gas industry, as well as opportunities for local and regional businesses.

With 10 oil and gas discoveries in the Stabroek block and new exploration and development plans being set by a number of players, Guyana is a rising star in the global oil and gas arena. As of December 2018, 5 billion boe of recoverable resources have already been identified and there is excitement about the country’s further hydrocarbons potential. Government institutions and local companies have much work to do before first production is reached in 2020 and Guyana’s economy is forever transformed.

So far, several significant milestones have been achieved, including the establishment of the Department of Energy in August 2018 to oversee and facilitate the industry’s development. Additionally, the World Bank and IMF have both contributed to the review and drafting of key oil and gas legislation.

In-depth analysis is supported by comprehensive maps, illustrations and graphs to create a market guide essential for players seeking to enter the Guyanese market.

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